New York State Human Rights Law Amended to Protect Domestic Violence Victims

Recently, Governor David Patterson signed legislation amending the New York State Human Rights Law to prohibit an employer from discriminating against an individual based on his or her status as a victim of domestic violence. This extension of the New York law fills a gap in federal law, which does not contain any such protection. In 2001, New York City amended the New York City Human Rights Law to prohibit similar discrimination. Now, New York employees outside of New York City will be entitled to the same protections.

According to the amendment, a domestic violence victim is defined as an individual who has been subjected to acts or offenses addressed under section 812(1) of the New York Family Court Act.
The amendment to the New York State Human Rights Law (A0075/S958), reflects New York’s strong commitment to protecting employment opportunities for victims of domestic violence in New York State.

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