EEOC Filings on the Rise

Statistics indicate that employment discrimination may be on the rise. The National Partnership for Women & Families has issued a report showing an increase of charge filings with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”).

According to the report,
Race discrimination charges increased in FY2007 from FY2006 by 12%.
Pregnancy discrimination charges saw a 14% increase in FY2007 from FY2006. In addition, the number of pregnancy discrimination charges has increased from FY1992 by 65%.
Retaliation charges increased from the prior year by 18%. For the first time ever, charges alleging retaliation represented the second highest number of charges received by the EEOC.
Disability discrimination charges increased by 14% from the prior year.
Age discrimination charges increased from FY2006 by 15%.
The increase in the number of charges filed with the EEOC compels greater funding for the EEOC, which could have used an increase anyway. Increased funding will permit the EEOC to take more of an active role in eliminating discrimination and educating employers on compliance with the law.

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